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Worth the wait in Vermont

We had dreamed of solar power since our time living in the Napa Valley. For many years, we lived in Cabot, Vermont with a perfect site to really take advantage of the sun. At the time, however, the cost of a solar system was far beyond our means and made no sense in terms of payback. We were cheap long before we knew we were green! Last year we moved to St. Johnsbury. One of the features of our new home is a big Victorian barn with an expanse of south facing roof. We started to investigate possibilities again. Tom Champlin of Real Goods Solar came out and told us that indeed our location was very viable. We sat nervously as he crunched some numbers and clearly explained the realities of going solar. We were thrilled with his projections. We CAN do it! And it makes sense! With incentives, the cost of the system will be a third of what we would have paid 10 years ago. We are so excited to truly be doing the right thing for the environment while saving money over the long haul. Bring on the sun!

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