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Too good to be true?

We were always skeptical about the savings factor of leasing solar. It seemed like a shell game or a con of some sort because it all sounded too good to be true. After one of the local home shows we decided to have a representative of Real Goods come into our home and advise us on what we could potentially save and what it would cost us. After careful consideration of all our options we decided to lease, figuring that even if the estimates we were given were “pie in the sky” we would still be better off than paying the $400.00 a month electricity bills we were receiving. Instillation was quick and painless and even the local utility signed us off quicker than anticipated – a sign of things to come. We were warned that certain months were leaner in the production cycle than others and that going online in the winter as we did may not yield the full benefit we would see later on, but so far we couldn’t be happier! Our electricity bill has been a whopping $11.00 at it’s highest and our lease payments have been at or less than the estimate. Color us impressed. Real Goods put together an amazing system that is producing a ton of energy and is helping us save money and the planet. Thanks again Real Goods!

Jason and Laura in Fresno.

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