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The right choice

I contacted two solar companies this summer to start this process and was ready to decide between them when i decided at the last minute to look for one more quote. After some research online, I found Real Goods Solar had a very high customer satisfaction rating. I set an appointment but told my family/friends that I expected to go with the first solar company proposal after I heard from Real Goods — I didn’t expect to get a better quote than the one I had.

To my surprise, I was more than pleased with the Real Goods proposal and appreciated my Sales Rep’s (Tom) approach. He was knowledgeable, easy going and professional. I felt as though i could trust both him and Real Goods.

After signing all of the docs, I received an email that was very detailed explaining the process and the timing of each step. I have to say, that was one of the best features of this entire process. Never having been thru this before, it was extremely helpful and a relief to get the information and the details of what was going to happen in the coming months.

Everything was done in the time that Real Goods said it would be and it was professional the entire step of the way. They were responsive and lived up to everything they said they would.

During installation, Real Goods found gas leaks in the HVAC units on my roof. Without the installers finding those leaks, it could have been years before being discovered, or worse, there could have been an accident.

I don’t have one complaint or issue for the entire process. When something is as complicated and takes as long as getting solar installed and running, you’d expect at least one thing to go wrong. Thankfully, Real Goods was the right choice and I’d highly recommend them (I’ve already sent them two referrals).

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