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Supporting green energy

My name is Earl Mongeon and my wife and I wanted to go solar in order to support green energy. We looked at building a system that would allow us to go completely solar, with no reliance on fossil fuels. We will be installing an electric boiler and hot water heater that solar energy will allow us to operate and also will allow us to be completely self sufficient, no longer relying on the propane companies which we have had some bad experiences with in the past. Running out of propane in the middle of the night last winter in subzero weather is something we’d like to avoid have happen again. We’re also lucky to live in a spot that allows us to have maximum solar capacity. Over time our energy costs will be flat-lined and we’ll be able to generate enough solar power to completely cover our electricity costs. Solar is definitely a worthwhile investment, it truly will pay for itself, and on top of that is a greener way to produce energy. We hope that other people will take notice of our going solar and get curious about it. Clean energy is indeed the energy of the future. My wife and I are excited about this and are glad that we made the decision to go solar, and there’s no better time then now to do it.

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