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Stewardship is a word we use quite often in our family when we speak about the planet. We know that we don’t “own” the land we live on; we are using and caring for it for future generations. At the ripe old ages of the middle years we are finally working for the planet instead of working to pay the bills and in doing this work we finally realized that we needed to put our money where our mouths are and begin using a clean, waste free, form of energy for our home. Getting solar was a no-brainer and working with Real Goods has been effortless so far. They actually care about the planet and their customers, not only their profits.

Solar on every rooftop is where we hope energy generation goes, and we are so happy to be a part of that movement. Thank you Real Goods for making it such an easy decision and aiding us in our quest to be good stewards of our planet.

John & Jacqueline

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