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Solar savings

For the last several years, my family’s monthly power bill was getting higher and higher. I knew solar would be a good option for us, but I was always too busy to do the research needed to make the switch. This last summer when our power bills climbed to over $900 a month, I knew we had to make a change. I asked my friends who knew about solar companies in my area, and they recommended Realgoods Solar. From my first interaction with Realgoods Solar to the final sign off by my utility company, my experience has been nothing but positive and professional. Realgoods helped us connect with a resource to finance our new system, and the design and installation process was extremely smooth. Every step of the way, I received emails and phone calls letting me know what the next step would be. Just yesterday, we were given the final permission by our utility company to turn on our solar panels. My husband and I were so excited to actually flip the switch and start saving money! We will never again spend $900 a month to power our home. Many thanks to the team at Realgoods Solar for helping my family achieve our goal of saving money, reducing our energy usage, and taking advantage of solar power!

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