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Saving big money on solar!

Hi ! this message is for anyone who is interested saving big money on solar!
I have been consulted with three different solar companies and did a lot of research just to insure that the almost life long system that i am going to install is reliable and affordable (reasonable). the first company offered me a lease contract with 25 years payment total cost around 30-40k. and second company gave me a purchase offer which is way high that I am only able to save like 50 bucks a month and i still have to worry about the federal credit. if i am not paying enough tax i might not be able to make the cut and have to pay the solar company back. Those factors just does not sound right! so finally my friend referred me this REAL GOODS solar. first, I checked it on the BBB online its AAA. actually, they are really good with solar. super professional answered all my questions. they really know what they are doing. they analyzed my electricity bill the past year and get the data to design a system according my usage which covers 96% of my usage. i am getting the first bill from Edison which is $16.90. I was so excited when i see the bill! you can see the solar power production and your usage hourly from Edison’s website. how cool is that? besides, they guaranteed a certain kilowatt the system will produce if not they will pay you back per kilowatt. they are not just saying, they really promised and did it by using a remote monitoring system via internet. so you can also check from the website they offer to see each panel’s function. I almost miss the best part of it which is the total cost of the system is 13K!!. how big saving i got!. I was paying 275/mon for my electricity during summer time i even pay 400-500/month. now its only 16 what a big difference. Now I am enjoying my AC with a peaceful mind!!

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