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Rural solar

We recently installed solar panels on our barn in Upstate New York. We live in a rural area and actually pay two large electric bills each month, one for the house and one for the barns. Our main barn sits in the middle of a large field which virtually never sees any shade! We bake up there especially in the summer so we decided to look into solar panels to harness this heat and help get rid of our high electric bills in the winter months. We met with RealGoods solar and the representative did a thorough review to see if this would make sense for us financially. With all of the incentives and rebates it was a no-brainer for us. The installation was complete at the end of December in 2012, and we have been watching the kilowatts start to build up beginning in April and are looking forward to the next few months to see if we have banked enough kilowatts to get us through the winter. It has been great not seeing an electric bill each month from the barn, and we are also pleased to be doing our part to help the environment through our farm.

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