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Retired and feeling good

We have always wanted to install solar on our home. We built our home seven years ago in the Sierra foothills of Mariposa. We built a foam block house to be energy efficient. We had planned on doing solar too but couldn’t come up with the cash needed to get it done. We have watched our PG&E bill continue to go up every year. We started to worry because we are on a fixed income and we were afraid that soon we would not be able to afford our garden and orchard as the cost of running our pump was taking too much of our set income. After making a phone call to Real Goods Solar, which had the best report from the Better Business Bureau, we were delighted to find out that we could get solar installed on our roof, with little or zero down and have a bill fixed for life. I will still have a small bill with PG&E but it will be at the low tier and nothing like before. I now can rest easier knowing my total bill will always be under control. Life is good and so is Real Goods Solar.

Dana Hall

  1. Is it possible to have solar energy eliminate PG&E completely?

    • Yes and no. We advocate using a grid-tied solar energy system, meaning you stay connected to the utility (in your case PG&E). This makes it much cheaper and easier to power your house at night when your panels aren’t producing (the alternative being using battery-stored electricity your panels generated during the day). However, we can size your system to cover 100% of your home electricity needs, meaning it will generate enough power during the day to cover your daytime and nighttime usage. But there is a small monthly fee for remaining connected to the utility, so in that sense you are not completely eliminating them. Feel free to get a free quote to find out how much you could save with solar:

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