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Relief from the heat at a fraction of the cost

We just signed up with Real Goods Solar two weeks ago and have begun the “solar process”. We have been thinking about solar for the past three years but just didn’t take that final step until working with our Real Goods solar rep, Mark Chapman. Real Goods offered the best price and best customer service. Our electricity bills have been drastically increasing over the past several years. We not only have a 5,000 square foot home, but we have a lot of landscaping and 110 apricot trees that need watering every other week over the summer months. We normally only turn on our A/C when the house hits 90 degrees inside. I am hoping to be able to keep our home at 80 degrees throughout the summer and still only pay a fraction of the cost that I have been paying to Pacific Gas and Electric. Our highest bill last summer was over $800 one month. We are leasing our system through Real Goods and according to Mark, our average bill should be somewhere around $325 with our solar system. I’m excited to finally have our system in before the hot summer months this year. Thank you in advance Real Goods….

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