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Reduced consumption

My family believes that we need to do whatever possible to reduce our fossil fuels consumption. So in 2007 we installed 21 solar panels on the roof of our house in Watsonville California. These were enough panels to reduce our electric consumption by about 50%. In September, 2013, we worked with RealGoods Solar to install an additional 18 panels. Our first monthly electrical bill after the new installation now indicates that we are producing more electricity than we need and its being credited to our account.

That being said I am totally sold on RealGoods Solar. I work in the design end of the construction industry. I work with contractors all of the time and I have been impressed by this company. They provided me with a proposal that was easy to understand and which showed what they would do and also showed how many new panels it would take to zero my electrical bill. They gave me an itemized timeline on when the design would be done, when county approvals were expected and when construction would start. RealGoods Solar met every one of their timeline goals and construction started the week that they said it would. Three days later they were done and gone.

With my work in the construction industry I’ve grown tired of hearing about issues that delay a project. Working with this company was a pleasure and every time I had a question their response was nearly immediate. There is no question that I would recommend this company to anyone who asks me.

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