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Real Goods Solar and BMW Partnership Provides Ultimate Green Experience

Real Goods Solar is thrilled to announce a partnership with BMW North America that will make the new, all-electric BMW ActiveE the ultimate green machine. ActiveE drivers in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York can now get 35% off a home solar system from Real Goods Solar.

The marriage of solar panels and electric cars makes sense for a lot of reasons. Electric vehicles like the ActiveE are only as emission-free as the electricity that charges them, so with solar panels providing clean power, these cars really are the ultimate green machines. Aside from 100% carbon-free operation, charging an ActiveE with home solar power means even greater fuel savings thanks to solar electricity being less expensive than your current utility. Plus, with a home solar system, the amount you’ll pay for regular household electricity consumption will fall, providing you with everyday savings that extend beyond your vehicle.

To find out how much this amazing partnership can save you and your family, call 855-RGS-EVPV or get a free online ActiveE driver home solar system quote today.

Real Goods Solar-BMW EV-PV partnership


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