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Powered by the ever lasting sun

I’ve always dreamed of going full solar to support my energy use. It is just a super cool un damaging renewable way to provide for our current excessive power needs. Even more so do we need it now than when the dream started of someday having a full supporting system powered by the ever lasting sun.

I have been in the fiber optic industry for fifteen years now and what attracted me to the industry was the power to be able to harness the power and energy of light to our benefit. Fiber optic’s currently feeds my home for its telecommunication and cable needs. Solar is just another way of doing the same thing, harnessing power and energy from a light source except for different intended results with the solar, it is cool stuff indeed as i have built a career around thinking so.

Well I became a home owner just over six years ago in Lake Elsinore California where the the sun shines pretty much all year long, a rather low percentage of cloudy days through out the year, ideal for solar. My home was brand new in a new neighborhood and I was able to choose specific features and watched them build it, which was quite exciting. I felt from the beginning solar would have to be essential because the summers here see 100 + days often enough. Two things were holding me back though. One being the HOA did not allow solar systems on the roofs at that time, thus the regulation has been dropped. Second was the cost structure of actually putting something like that on my roof that is efficient enough to run my 2000 sq ft two story house with extra tall ceiling adding to more volume of space to keep cool and it has historically been well beyond realistic and seemed dreamy still for me. I was completely unaware of the diversity the solar industry and Real Goods now offers to help homeowners get into a solar system and be more self sufficient. With scalable options from no money down to full down payments on systems there is no reason everyone should not have solar panels on their roofs in this area. It was now exciting to now see the light of actually fulfilling the dream of solar.

My friend David Kingery would talk solar often enough at our social gathering and really seemed quite genuine and knowledgeable about how awesome Real Goods is and what it has to offer in today’s competitive environment of increasing renewable energy needs. Solar is the way of the future and the doorway has just been opened!!. I live in a prime spot with sun all year. The flexibility offered to me in getting into a solar system is what made the dream a reality for me, every homeowner should look into it. They are guaranteed to find an entry that will support the solar industry and save them money.

Thanx to Real Goods and David Kingery my house just became that much smarter and efficient for many many years to come. Technology is cool stuff and makes it that much better to be a part of its growth. I am one happy camper now, it’s a real good day thanx to Real Goods any-day.

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