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My Solar Story

I have always been interested in solar energy. I studied passive solar design in Architecture school when I was 19-20. But I ended up in an old (1830′s) stone house in Vermont. It is difficult to remodel such a building (and architecturally unkind to do so to such a lovely house), so I had been thinking of solar cells. Finally, last spring, I was at the farm show and signed up for a raffle, that was really about gathering leads for solar installations. The folks at the booth told me that I would, indeed, be contacted on the subject. Sometime in the late summer I realized that I had never heard from anyone. I think my thoughts may have been magic, for later that afternoon, I went to the back of my barn, to find several boxes of out-date cereal, clearly a gift for my laying hens, and amongst them, a card for a solar salesman. I made the call. The installation should be done next month.

Cameron (Cami) Buster

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