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My experience with Real Goods Solar

It is with high regard and enthusiasm that I write this “story” about my experience with Real Goods Solar.
Renewable energy has always been something that I wanted to pursue, but it never made financial since to my family. However, as my family grew so did my electrical bill. As I started refreshing my knowledge of solar, I got more excited on how we could use the sun’s energy to lower my dependence on the electrical company and save money at the same time.

After I decided that solar panels made sense, I started talking with three solar companies and Real Goods Solar clearly stood out as the best alternative. They were very knowledgeable, provided a number of alternatives, helped me determine the ideal number of panels to install, and explained the entire process. There is no doubt in my mind that I made the correct decision in choosing Real Goods Solar as the supplier of my solar panels. Thank you to everyone that was involved.

Lou Budde

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