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Learning to live on less income

As a recently retired, single homeowner, I’ve found that learning to live on less income has been challenging, to say the least. The month I received a PG&E bill of $850.00, I made up my mind something had to change.

A trusted friend was in the process of installing solar panels, so I asked him who he was using, and was impressed by his experience with Realgoods Solar (RGS). I scheduled an appointment with a Realgoods representative and what I heard impressed me even more. The cutting edge panel design and detailed explanation of each stage of the process, made me feel comfortable with my decision. There was no cost to me, I chose to lease the panels and haven’t had to pay a dime. Once the equipment is up and running, I will pay a monthly fee to RGS and if I need to purchase additional electricity, I will pay a reduced amount to RGS, rather than the inflated PG&E “gotcha” fees.

I was especially impressed with the detailed anwers to my many questions, and the prompt response by my local representative, whenever I call him for further details. He is always quick to answer his phone (I’ve never had to leave a message) and available whenever I call.

I’ve always been extremely skeptical when it comes to trusting a sales person, especially when signing a contract, but with RGS, I have felt well informed and fully aware of my options before I was asked to commit to solar. I was even given the option to cancel my contract for a week after it was signed.

My advice to anyone who is afraid of solar is to do your homework first, check with your neighbors who have solar, then schedule a consultation with RGS. Listen and take notes, ask questions. Once you’ve made your decision, I’m pretty sure you’ll choose Realgoods Solar.

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