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I’ve become the neighborhood expert

I had been thinking about going solar for the past year and after some research, I decided to jump in. I was looking for a way to cut down on my electricity bill as well as lessen dependency on the power company and this option allows for both as my bill will go down and I will avoid SCE’s annual rate hikes. I have been one of the first in the community to go solar and have been getting tons of questions from neighbors about the benefits so I’ve had to become the neighborhood expert and three more neighbors have chosen to go solar in the next few months.

The most common question is how long is the payback period but that becomes moot since you start saving money as soon as the panels are turned on. Along with monthly savings, we will now be avoiding the 5-8% annual rate increases so the decision to go solar was pretty easy. I will be paying 20% less per month for my electric bill and solar panel payment than I was with my old electricity payment so there is no real argument to not go solar now! Enjoy your panels!

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