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If it works for Superman…

I am the owner of a comic book store. I sell stories about super beings with super powers like super strength, super speed, ability to fly, etc. The first super hero ever created is Superman. He gets all his super powers by absorbing the rays from a yellow sun, a different color than the red sun solar system he came from. I have always seen this connection how the energy for life on earth comes from our sun. I have always been interested in connecting in a more efficient direct way to harness the sun’s energy, just like Superman does with his solar collector body. Science had made solar cells for many uses, but up to now, they were so expensive, that the only ones I could afford were only for small applications like plates to charge my computer, cell phone, or calculator!

I met Tom Champlain at an energy fair, who explained the solar financing options RealGoodSolar offered, expanded my options to harness solar energy to include solar electricity power for a building. The presentation was clear and the financial savings was even clearer. I made a decision to “go solar” in 24 hours after I talked to owners of this system who had them installed a year ago and had real good experiences.

I’m sure, like everything I do in life, there will be some difficulties. Why would a solar energy generation system be any different? But I like the people at RealGoodSolar so far, and hope they continue to be as helpful in the years to come making this system work for me, as they have been in the period of planning and getting ready for my installation.

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