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Home Solar in Rhode Island Becoming More Accessible

Calling all Rhode Islanders interested in solar! Contact us for a free solar quote and consultation soon for the best chance to take advantage of these funds.

2013 is already ushering in some good news for those interested in home solar in Rhode Island.

Previously available only to commercial and affordable housing solar PV projects, grant money from the state’s Renewable Energy Fund (REF) is now available for Rhode Island home solar installations as well.

Grants are available for home solar PV systems under 10 kW, and cover 25% of the systems’ cost up to $10,000, but the deadline to apply is July 26, 2013.

Rhode Island home solar installation is more affordable in 2013 with REF grant moneyReal Goods Solar Rhode Island sales rep Ben Swanson calls the newly-allocated funds the “broadest and most inclusive incentive program Rhode Island has offered in many years,” and says, “the economics have never been better for homeowners.”

Homeowners wishing to capitalize on the REF solar grant must schedule or complete a home energy audit before applying. Then there’s the catch – to be eligible for the grant, applications must be submitted in groups of between 3 and 20. This wrinkle makes it difficult for homeowners to acquire this incentive independently, but licensed Rhode Island solar companies like Real Goods Solar can pool their customers to qualify them for the funds.

The confounding nature of applying for this and other Rhode Island solar incentives is one reason among many that going solar with us is simpler, safer, and smarter than attempting to do it yourself. We apply for and process all your solar rebates for you!

As with most solar incentives, the REF grant money will be exhausted soon, and the group application stipulation makes this even more time-sensitive. Sign up before July 26, 2013!


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