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Highly recommended

My husband and I talked about to go solar for a while. However, we pushed it aside and didn’t take any action even we got several quotes.

One day I talked to my co-worker about going solar. He said he just had it installed with Realgoods and suggested me to get a quote from them.

I called and the sales rep came. He was very nice and knowledgeable. At that time, I was real serious to understand how Solar works. Compare with other companies, Realgoods might not be the cheapest one. However, the service is good. For me, service is the key component making the choice.

The whole process has been great and very smooth. The tech came to survey was very good. The installation crew was professional and courteous. Lisa kept us informed for every step.

Now we just got the yes from PG&E to turn on the solar. We are very exciting about this.
We highly recommend Realgoods Solar.

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