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Four generations of Colorado stewardship

We are a fourth – generation Colorado family with deep ties to agriculture and strong beliefs in taking care of the land. With that in mind, consistent practices of reusing and recycling are a normal way of life. Taking advantage of solar power seemed to fit naturally with this. When I considered installing solar panels on our home, I looked for an experienced local company. My search ended when I contacted Real Goods Solar. Everyone at Real Goods has been friendly and easy to work with throughout the whole process. John Johnson was the field rep that came by the house, and he explained all the options available to us in an informative an relaxed manner. All communications with Mr. Johnson and my project managers were painless and timely. Now that we have the panels on our roof, I am even happier with our decision to use solar energy. We have not paid one dime out-or-pocket for the system, and our electric bill from our conventional utility has been cut by over 75% – even during the high- use A/C season. We are glad we switched to solar power with Real Goods Solar.

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