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Employee Walks the Walk

My name is Sean, I’m 29 years old, and I’m a Real Goods Solar employee. I write content for, and I have written a few blog posts as well. Through a $0-down solar lease, I had a solar PV system installed at my house in Northglenn, Colorado in December 2013.

I’ve been a supporter of renewable energy my entire adult life. I believe that as a species, we owe it to ourselves to find more permanent sources of energy than fossil fuels, especially because we use fossil fuels for things like cooking (coal) and plastic production (oil) and the demand for those does not figure to shrink as our population continues to expand. Rooftop solar makes so much sense to me as a sustainable electricity generation solution. Power is generated right where it’s needed with durable equipment that actually extends the life of the roof it’s mounted on. It’s clean, silent, safe, and efficient (electricity isn’t lost over long transmission distances like it is when the utility sends it to me from miles away). And the fact that this electricity typically costs LESS than utility electricity seals the deal.

My solar system will offset about 90% of my home’s fossil fuel-derived electricity for about 67% of the price, so it’s making an impact I feel good about and it makes obvious financial sense.

The installation went flawlessly. The three installers worked very well together and had a good rapport. I could tell they were enjoying their work, which made me feel even better about an already good decision. They finished the installation and cleanup in one day, and it looks great. Now I have an array of 10 solar panels on the east face of the roof (facing the back yard) and an array of 18 on the south face. They even removed an old satellite dish from the roof and sealed up the bolt holes from it for me.

Thanks to everyone involved, including John Johnson, John Karamanlis, Kelly Mates, Justin Ybarra, Tony, Lance, and Jordan!

Employee sits in front yard of his newly solarized house

Sean’s solar house (arrays are on the rear and side roof faces)

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