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Debating solar energy, in school and at home

My mom is always looking for new ways to engage her inner city fifth grade students in active discussions about real world issues. She decided that she would enliven her class by having them debate the pro’s and con’s of using solar power energy. As she prepared to facilitate the discussion, she started doing her own research on solar energy and became more and more intrigued by the possibility. The debate was a huge success. Solar clearly won the children, and my mother over. Shortly after, my family started getting quotes from various solar companies. She asked me to contact my friend, David Raichart from Real Goods Solar to see what they could offer. David was prompt, professional, and very diligent in working with my family to understand the costs and benefits of putting solar panels on my childhood home in Denver. He answered all their questions and worked with them closely to develop a system that was affordable. My parents decided to take the leap. They are moving into the future with a clean, efficient energy source. They couldn’t be happier! Goes to show, grown ups can be just as smart as a 5th grader!

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