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Complete care from the sales person

After hearing good things from a neighbor that had solar installed by RealGoods, we called them to stop by and tell us more. Jason came to our house and ran us through how everything worked. Explained how many panels we would get, the cost of them, and how they would compare with our current electric use. He even had graphs to show us. We opted to go with the SCEIP program to pay for the solar. Jason brought all the paperwork, walked us through it and then put it together for us. When we got to the SCEIP office they commented on how complete our packet was and we were in and out very quick. Thanks to Jason :) In a short time we had our panels installed and they look and work great. Its wonderful to go out and see your meter running backwards! Every step of the process was easy, and RealGoods kept us informed of what was going on, and when things would happen. I’d highly recommend going solar, and doing it with RealGoods.


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