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Combine EV and PV to Make the Sun Work Harder for You

When John G. of Oceanside, CA saw the chance to participate in the BMW ActiveE trial program, he jumped at the opportunity. “I’m not an environmentalist, but I am concerned about our dependence on fuel and how it’s impacting the environment. Electric vehicles make a point to shift away from fossil fuels,” he explained.

According to John, driving an electric vehicle (EV) doesn’t feel different from driving other cars – but owning an electric car does feel different. “The experience of not requiring gas is out of this world! It’s completely alien to anyone who does not have the opportunity to get into an electric car. I drive by gas stations, don’t have to stop or think about gas prices, and I get home and plug in. That is a ‘wow’ experience. Everyone is looking at gas prices, but not me anymore – I know what I’m paying per kilowatt-hour.”

Since he had already started thinking about his fuel usage in kilowatt-hours (kWh), John began looking at home solar power in the San Diego area so he could combine EV and PV (photovoltaics) and use sunlight to charge his car and save big bucks. Shortly thereafter, he saw the Real Goods Solar/BMW solar program discussed on an ActiveE driver forum and immediately scheduled a free home solar consultation.

EVs and PV combine for the most affordable electric vehicle charging“It was a package deal with Real Goods. There was nothing to consider other than how many panels I wanted. I knew the pricing structure, so there was nothing to negotiate. They were quality panels and the micro-inverters I wanted. There was no discussion other than when to install.”

John’s installation was completed in July 2012 and he couldn’t be happier with the results.

“The installation team was kind, cordial, did all the things they needed to do, and asked permission for everything. They were very professional. I also asked for pigeon proofing on the system and it was included with no hassle at no extra charge. When the inspector came around, he didn’t have to do anything – not even get on the roof. It was an excellent, top notch experience!”

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Real Goods Solar-BMW EV-PV partnership

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