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RIP Pete Seeger

To our favorite troubadour and customer, RIP Pete Seeger: musician, activist, scholar, teacher, speaker, inspiration. With all the enduring work and changed lives you left behind, you will never be forgotten. In 2004, Pete Seeger went solar adding 2,400 watts of photovoltaic panels to his home in New York.

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Solarize Massachusetts was a Success!

Overwhelming participation in the Solarize Mass program means over 190 Massachusetts homeowners will be reducing their utility bills with over 1400 kW of clean solar power combined. The program was successful in reaching the lowest price tier of $3.44 per Watt for everyone who participated. While this

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Shining More Light on Energy Efficiency and Green Building

Solar panels protect and extend the life of your roof

This article was contributed by Samantha Alexander, contributor to the blog. The blog serves as a resource center for insurance consumers and homebuyers across the country.   Going solar produces obvious benefits for the environment and for your pocketbook – you already know you can

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Electric Vehicles Changing The Way Students Learn

MindDrive, which works with at-risk youth in the urban areas of Kansas City, promotes experiential learning as a viable alternative and/or complement to traditional academics and has been using electric car design as one of their topics. Students have built several electric vehicles, but their latest project is a

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Bike To Work Day – May 17th

Join Real Goods Solar in pledging to bike to work tomorrow, May 17th!

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Solar Eclipses 101

In light of today’s Annular Solar Eclipse, we put together this nifty infographic for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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America’s Real Problem with Solar Energy

Each day, our industry sits down and whittles the unsightly knots off the tree we call solar energy. We, as a group, spend more time than we should pointing to one of a growing number of reasons why solar energy isn’t taking hold in America: that perhaps

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Home Solar in Rhode Island Becoming More Accessible

Rhode Island home solar installation is more affordable in 2013 with REF grant money

Calling all Rhode Islanders interested in solar! Contact us for a free solar quote and consultation soon for the best chance to take advantage of these funds. 2013 is already ushering in some good news for those interested in home solar in Rhode Island. Previously available only

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Climate Change and Solar Power

Climate change is producing more extreme weather events, droughts, and rising sea levels

A long, long time ago, before home solar power was about saving money on your monthly electric bill, the main motivation for going solar was environmental. Before anyone was talking about “reducing their carbon footprint,” homeowners invested in solar energy systems with the goal of doing just

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State of the Solar Union, 2012

State of the American solar industry

On November 2nd, the Solar Foundation announced that the U.S. solar industry employs 119,016 Americans across all 50 states. This figure represents the addition of 13,872 new solar jobs and a 13.2 percent employment growth rate over the past 12 months. During the same period, the Bureau

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