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Getting away from tiered electricity prices

We have been wanting to “go solar” for many years, but wanted to wait until we had to redo our roof and add onto our house. For years we have seen our bills rise and and we wanted to get away from being electric company’s tiered system.

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A Solar Story Told in GIFs

When someone decides to go solar When I tell someone I work in the solar industry When I got hired to work at RGS Energy   When utility companies realize solar isn’t going away Utilities: Solar:   When you get a high electricity bill   When you

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Putting my values where my roof is

Real Goods Solar Customer, John Sheirer, recently wrote an article for the about how his experience in going solar helped make his childhood dream come true. Read the full story here. Excerpt: “As many youthful dreams do, mine followed tangents both predictable and surprising. Middle age

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Retired environmentalist

retired & an environmentalist

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