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Caring for the family winery

Having been a general contractor in one geographic area for forty years, our reputation was all about quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. I never accepted work less than 99.9% perfect. Attention to detail was paramount.

I started our family winery in 1994. We built all the structures at the vineyard with the same due care, diligence, and pride. As our business grew, our electricity bills escalated disproportionately to the point of becoming a strangle on further growth. Furthermore, we look at the land that we farm and live on as a gift to be cared for and sustained.

Solar Power would be a great solution for getting our electrical costs under OUR control while doing something beneficial for the environment. I interviewed four solar companies, was unimpressed, and chose to walk away from the solar idea. A few months later, driving through Napa, a pick-up truck bearing the Real Goods Solar logo pulled up alongside me. It was neat, clean, and carefully loaded with Sun-Power Panels. I called them up the next day; the rest was a quality experience. They performed everything they said they would do, in many ways exceeding my expectations. Today, we proudly show off our panels to our friends and customers at our winery.

–Fred Schweiger

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