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Back to Basics

The first oil well in the U.S. was drilled by Edwin Drake in 1859 which changed everything. Before this fossil fuels were used only in very small amounts for a few heating, lighting and medicinal purposes. The main energy source for our planet and those who lived on it came from the sun. The sun gave our earth a daily “budget” of how much energy we were allowed to “spend”. This limited the amount of food we could grow and the amount of work that could be done during the daylight hours.

When fossil fuels were discovered it was like finding a giant energy credit card that we could spend as much as we want as fast as we could. The industrial revolution exploded and we started consuming at an alarming ever increasing rate.

Unfortunately all bank accounts are depleted over time when you keep drawing from them without making deposits. We now in the era of “peak oil” as the deposits of all fossil fuels have become much smaller, more difficult and expensive to extract.

We must go back and relearn the lessons of our civilizations from not very many years ago. We must have a daily energy and lifestyle budget where we use only what we are given. The only solution to this long term issue is to go back to the historical basics and use solar energy.

All energy comes from the sun in one form or the other. The answer is so simple when you think about it.

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