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Anxiously awaiting a solar system

Living alone and pretty much on a limited income, I find the utility bills rising at a rapid rate, especially the electrical rate – which makes for austere living conditions. Seeing solar panels on a friend’s house – I asked them about their solar system. I was astounded to hear that pay only $200.00 a year to the utility company after installing the solar system – which is less than I pay on a monthly basis. They gave me the name of their contractor (Real Goods Solar) and I contacted them and was given a fantastic presentation by their representative Ken Durant (as compared to a few other contractors I contacted). I signed up for solar and am anxiously awaiting installation.

Just read in the local paper that San Diego Gas & Electric is appearing before the PUC asking for a rate increase, an increase of 8% . I am so happy that I soon will have a solar system – and – by the way, my home is 100% electric.

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