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An investment in solar

In 2010 we started construction on our ICF home in Sullivan County NY. The sustainability and longevity of our house was very important to us. Our property has been in my husband’s family for hundreds of years, and it was important for us to build a home that would withstand the tests of time. We had always wanted to go solar, but did not think it we could afford it when we first started building our home. In February of this year my husband had heard about real good solar from a work colleague. My husband seemed impressed by the low upfront costs and financing options. We had never heard of real good solar before and found out that they only really advertise by word of mouth. We scheduled a consultation and had a real good solar representative at our home within a couple of weeks. We were hoping to lower or completely eliminate our electric bill, and this was very much a possibility for us after meeting with the representative. The costs of going solar seemed very favorable, especially in our state. The solar rebate that we qualified for within our state lowered what we would owe by almost half of the total price for our project. We signed our contract in March and by July our solar was installed and running!

Real Good solar pretty much does EVERYTHING. If you want to install solar and do not want the hassle of being your own general contractor, I would suggest going with them. The building permits, the Plans, the installation and even help with the financing end of things is all handled. We were updated and informed as the process moved along. During the installation phase of the project, we wanted some changes to be made to how the the electrical work was run inside and outside our home. This was done without any question or problems! The installers and project foreman were very professional, they treated us with respect and their work was done in an efficient manner.

It was a very exciting and happy moment when our meter for the solar panels started spinning! It is still amazing to me that we now produce our OWN energy. Our electric bill is almost nothing now, and we produce more than half of the total energy we use each month!

Going solar was a great investment, and I am very happy with our decision to use this company!

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