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An advocate gets his solar panels

I had been interested in solar energy for some time so when Real Goods Solar bought our local solar company, two years ago, I reached out to them to find out how much it would actually cost. I met with their sales person Mark Chapman who patiently explained all of the creative financing options available. I had no idea it would be this affordable! At the time, the school my two boys were going to was having their annual fundraising auction and I knew there were many parents like myself who were interested in solar but didn’t know about the various financing options. So, I became the go between for the school and Real Goods Solar to become one of our auction sponsors. Real Goods sales people attended the auction and shared information with the attendees between dinner and dancing. After the auction was over, the school sponsored an informational night with Real Goods staff presenting a very informative seminar on solar energy, the tiered pricing system used by our utility company and how quickly a solar energy system returns the upfront investment. The parents were blown away! Several quickly scheduled the free on-site visit to determine their suitability for solar and a few families took the plunge and installed solar energy systems. Me? Well, I had a deteriorating roof that first needed attention which I finally took care of last year. And this year, I finally brought the Real Goods people back and we are set to go. I was happy to hear that the Federal rebate is still available. And my roof is perfect for a solar energy system. A review of my energy bill indicated I would need only 18 panels to get under the expensive pricing tiers for electricity. I decided the best option for me was to buy the solar energy for a fixed price and allow Real Goods to install, maintain and insure the system for 20 years. So, when I told my sons that we had invested in our future energy needs, they said to me “No, Dad, you invested in our planet!”

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