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A second solar system

I Leased my system from Sunrun through Real Goods about 3 years ago. Real Goods did an excellent job of installation and it has worked perfectly for the last 3 years. So well in fact that at my trueup this year SDGE has to give me a little money. This was not because they overbuilt the system but because I have lowered consumption since installation. 100% solar!! Real Goods is the real thing.

Here we go again! We just contracted Real Goods to install another system on our rental property. This time we are paying cash and charging our tenant by the kilowatt. We first tried to do the deal through Sunrun but were shocked to find they will not do rentals at all. It was a learning experience for our Real Goods salesman. T J Embler. He was very helpful and came up with another solution anyway.

We were going to finance it until I compared the idle cash sitting in the bank earning .5% to paying a loan at 2.9%. I cannot fathom why everyone who owns a home in Southern California doesn’t have a system! Especially with the rates going up.

My system

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