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A reliable referral

I was referred to Real Goods solar after asking my general contractor – owner of G.F. Watson Construction to give me a bid for solar power. He came out for a consultation, but instead of giving me a quote, he recommended “Real Goods Solar”. I told him I would like to give him the work (as he has done 4 kitchen remodels for us) but he assured me I did not want to hire him for this job. The quote from my contractor was approximately $15,000-20,000- cash out of pocket, after government rebates, and no payment plans available. I trust my contractor 100% and he told me- quote “After all my research for clients, they have the best deal with the lowest up front cost. They’re going to do my house as soon as I close escrow” SOLD! I have done a lot of business with my contractor and this shows why! An honest opinion, from a man who is giving up work to protect my best interest. Real Goods solar has been with me every step of the way. I have had the pleasure of working with Peter and Taeva, and the site coordinator was great- even having some flexibility on panel & equipment locations. I have been- and will continue to use and refer Real Goods Solar to all my friends and family. If you can find a better deal- for less money down- TAKE IT! And don’t worry, I wont tell your neighbors it was practically FREE!

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