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Getting away from tiered electricity prices

We have been wanting to “go solar” for many years, but wanted to wait until we had to redo our roof and add onto our house. For years we have seen our bills rise and and we wanted to get away from being electric company’s tiered system.

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Weekly Tiny House: Wherever the powder is

This week’s tiny house feature is the perfect cure for the mid-winter office doldrums and is sure to ignite a renewed spark and love for winter. Like any good ski bum accommodations, “people and gear avalanche from every nook and cranny” in only 112 square feet of this

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Set with solar

We have had some neighbors and friends that have been on the solar program for some time. After we decided to buy an electric car we started investigating different companies for going solar. We evaluated around 10 competitors and decided on RGS because of the price and

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Hello from sunny Colorado!

Solar has long been on my list of home improvement / life improvement ideas. As a parent of young children, I find it important to model good behavior and the values our family treasures. We purposefully moved our family to the Denver area, in part, for what

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RIP Pete Seeger

To our favorite troubadour and customer, RIP Pete Seeger: musician, activist, scholar, teacher, speaker, inspiration. With all the enduring work and changed lives you left behind, you will never be forgotten. In 2004, Pete Seeger went solar adding 2,400 watts of photovoltaic panels to his home in New York.

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A Solar Story Told in GIFs

When someone decides to go solar When I tell someone I work in the solar industry When I got hired to work at RGS Energy   When utility companies realize solar isn’t going away Utilities: Solar:   When you get a high electricity bill   When you

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Weekly Tiny House: Portland, Oregon

Welcome to the caboose hotel! This caboose-shaped tiny home is used a tiny hotel in Portland, Oregon and boasts mountain cabin features like mason-jar lighting and wood-paneled walls.  Not to mention, the cozy getaway sleeps 4-5 people in just 140 sq ft! #LiveLightly

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Putting my values where my roof is

Real Goods Solar Customer, John Sheirer, recently wrote an article for the about how his experience in going solar helped make his childhood dream come true. Read the full story here. Excerpt: “As many youthful dreams do, mine followed tangents both predictable and surprising. Middle age

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Solar newbies

My wife and I have been thinking about solar for a while. Now that we moved to the rural area of town where everything in the new house uses electricity so we agreed it’s time to look into solar. We got a hold of Realgoods Solar through

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Weekly Tiny House: Nussdorf, Austria

This modern, yet warm tiny home takes advantage of the stunning mountain views with as little environmental impact as possible. Built to be a vacation home, designer Peter Jungmann blended a clean elegant look with homey additions like coat hooks to make the space feel like a

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